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Learning to Fly just got a little easier

Now works on all your devices

After many years finally this site has been improved and now works on all modern devices. Try it on your iPad, your iPhone and any android device. It all works!

What is pilottests.com?

pilottests is a powerful aviation test prep for the FAA aeronautical written tests and JAA ATPL exams.

Every time I have tried to learn anything new in aviation I have always thought there must be a better way! pilottests is the solution that I always wanted but didn’t have for my flight training and hopefully this will be the solution for your flight training too!

Whether it’s just for taking the private pilot test or for all the ATPL exams, pilottests.com gives you FREE access to our large database of FAA and JAR questions. The question bank allows you to drill all the way down to a specific learning area and review the questions either as a flashcard or in a multiple choice format.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing! Nada! It's FREE!!!

A lot of time was spent during the building of pilottests.com trying to figure out the best approach to take, originally we were thinking that it should be a subscription based membership site but in the end the decision was made that FREE is best. People like the web to be free, hell I like the web to be free! So here it is!

How Comprehensive is our Database?

If I were to give us a grade it would be an 8 out of 10.

Although not complete, we feel that we have done a pretty good job so far. Remember we want this site to be your site so feel free to email us any FAA written test or JAR ATPL test questions you think we may be missing and we would be glad to add them.